Friday, January 11, 2013


At the beginning of every month I contact our adoption counselor to see if anyone asked to view our profile in the past month. This month I was especially interested because I really want to feel like something is happening. It doesn't bother me to wait a long time as long as I know our materials are being requested. It makes me think that we have done all we can do and beyond that, it's just about whether we are a good fit.

This month my call was kind of fun. Maria told me that my timing was great because she had sent our profile to a woman who asked for it not even one minute before I called. Maria said she could ask around to see if any of the other counselors had sent out our profile last month, but I didn't really care at that point. One was good enough for me!

A couple of friends of mine sent me this link from the NY Times about a couple who went through the adoption process and had a disruption. What my friends didn't know was that the couple had switched to the agency we are using after their disruption, and their happy ending gives me a lot of hope. Here's the story:

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Petite Coccinelle said...

I read that story too, and loved it so much. It so closely echoes my own story, or more my daughter's mommies' journey through adoption.

I'm thrilled to hear your profile is being viewed! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I read some good news on here soon.