Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monthly Bulletin

Every month our agency sends out an email bulletin that reports on their outreach efforts and provides a list of all of the people who have entered the pool, been selected by birth parents, taken placement of a baby, or disrupted.  For the month of December, after the longest list of baby placement announcements I've seen yet (about 10% of the waiting pool), came this:

  • Shannon and Rob of Seattle were chosen by a birthmother to adopt her two week old baby girl.  They met with the expectant mother and her parents at OA&FS on Saturday, November 24th and spent some time getting to know each other.  Afterwards, Shannon and Rob welcomed the expectant mother and her parents into their home for a visit and tea.  The baby was placed with Shannon and Rob on November 27th at the end of a long day and many hours at a local Chinese restaurant that hosted for the final stages of adoption planning.  Shannon and Rob provided loving care for the baby for two nights.  After a very difficult decision-making process the birthmother decided to parent her baby.  Shannon and Rob were incredibly thoughtful, compassionate, empathetic and caring throughout their journey with the baby and birth family.  Our warm thoughts and support are with Shannon and Rob as they process this experience and continue on with their adoption path.
 I knew it was coming, I had said it was okay, and I still wanted to go home from work.  

That said, I felt a lot better today.  It is getting better, just like I knew it would.  When I was out for coffee with a friend today I showed her a photo of Ida.  She teared up and I didn't, and that right there is major progress.

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